Five Nights At Freddy’s

Looking for a job, you come across an ad in the local newspaper. In ad says: “We need a night watchman in a family restaurant playroom.” Payment is not so good but you accept a job because it not requires anything except to sit in a chair. Easy money! However, not everything is so simple.

Spend Five Nights At Freddy’s in the dark creepy restaurant full of scary animatronic puppets.

Previous guard informs you (a message on the answering machine), and you notice yourself that the restaurant inhabits large animatronics mascots. Due to frequent breakdowns of puppets, staff leaves them on during the night. So puppets wander freely as their mechanisms wouldn’t be screwed. The problem is that dolls are aggressively minded towards everyone who don’t wear a mask during working hours. Dolls would try to engage such a person in the violent animatronic costume. Add to this the fact that the appearance of the before mentioned dolls is quite disturbing, like they came out of a nightmare.

Play Five Nights At Freddy’s here:

Your task is very simple – spend five nights in the dark, creepy restaurant. Each “shift” runs from midnight to six o’clock in the morning (real time 8-9 minutes) and as time passes the dolls are more interested in you. However, the guard post must not be abandoned and you keep an eye on predators via tablet connected to the security camera. If the dolls sneak up on you too much you can turn the light on to drive them away or to lock yourself in until they leave.

So, where’s the catch?

What then prevents a player to lock all the doors and casually waiting for the clock strikes 6? Restaurant owners are tough and stingy so on the night shift power is transferred to the unit with a very limited capacity. Each turning on the lights, closing the electronic locks or staring at the camera accelerates the pace at which it consumes electricity. Running out of power before the end of the shift, but … better to see for yourself what happens. Moments while watching that last percentage point out tirelessly and then anxiety in the dark are some of the most intense moments that we had the opportunity to experience in the horror games.



Looking the image of the game makes it clear that this is not a graphics extravaganza. True, but it should be borne in mind that the game is done by only one man (Scott Cawthon). He used a program for creating 2D games in which simulate 3D. The game excels in the field of sound, with numerous squeaking, humming fan and remote drumming of a big plush terrors. There is no music in this game. Its absence creates even anguished feeling and every noise will sound loud and threatening.

Something About Technical Aspects Of The Game

Five Nights At Freddy’s surely would not win the prizes for the most impressive graphics. This is the triumph of an idea and offbeat horror title that fans of the genre should not miss. It only lasts an hour which is more than enough because we are seriously concerned about our psyche if we need to spend several hours in the company of Freddy and friends. Players are able to make their own challenge to the game by adjusting the parameters for each of AI monsters after game completion. The final conflict with any of the puppets are always accompanied by a pop-up dolls on a full screen and piercing cry that will make you eardrums beg for mercy.

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